SNES (and SFC) Exclusive Games

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Last updated: 2023/09/12

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  1. SNES (and SFC) Exclusive Games
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The following is a list of games exclusive to the SNES, though many of them have probably been ported to newer consoles, hand-helds, or computers by now. However, if a SNES game only has a Windows or arcade port, I will also list it as an exclusive anyway; BUT, I will not do the same for systems like DOS or Amiga if there is not a big enough difference between the two, or at least in my opinion. Some games may also have been available for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) but there are enough differences to still list them. Let us just say, 1995 was an interesting year for video games in general. If anything needs to be added or corrected, feel free to let me know.

SNES (and SFC)