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Linux System and Settings Software



  • Aptik - a really easy to use system migration (backup) utility
  • Bleachbit - free space and maintain privacy
  • Blueman - graphical bluetooth manager
  • GDebi Package Installer - install and view software packages
  • GNOME PPP - a PPP account configurer and dialup tool for GNOME
  • GParted - create, reorganize, and delete partitions
  • Grub Customizer - customize the bootloader (GRUB2 or BURG)
  • Gufw - graphical front end to ufw; easy way to configure firewall
  • HardInfo - system information and benchmark tool
  • iDeviceMounter - a GUI for mounting and unmounting iPhones and iPads
  • LightDM GTK+ Greeter Settings - configure the LightDM GTK+ Greeter (login manager)
  • luckyBackup - A powerful, fast and reliable backup and sync tool
  • NetworkManager - network management framework
  • Notifications (xfce4-notifyd) - simple, visually-appealing notification daemon for Xfce
  • Synaptic Package Manager - install, remove, and upgrade software packages; apt front-end
  • system-config-printer - Graphical user interface for CUPS administration (printing)
  • Task Manager - easy to use task manager
  • UNetbootin - create bootable Live USB drives from an ISO or IMG with the option to download various Linux distributions from within the program
  • xev - print contents of X events (keyboard, mouse, joystick)
  • XScreenSaver - the standard screen saver collection shipped on most Linux and Unix systems running the X11 Window System
  • aconnect - ALSA sequencer connection manager
  • alien - converts linux packages between the rpm,deb,tgz and slp packages
  • alsamixer - soundcard mixer for ALSA soundcard driver, with ncurses interface
  • apropos - search the manual page names and descriptions
  • aptik - a really easy to use system migration (backup) utility
  • aptitude - high-level interface to the package manager (apt; Debain-based)
  • aureport - a tool that produces summary reports of audit daemon logs
  • btscanner - ncurses-based scanner for Bluetooth devices
  • clamav (clamscan; freshclam) - scan files and directories for viruses
  • cryptsetup - manage plain dm-crypt and LUKS encrypted volumes
  • dd - convert and copy a file
  • Downgrading packages - a quick "howto" for downgrading installed packages for various Linux distributions
  • dpkg - use it to install DEB packages such as: sudo dpkg -i nameofpackage.deb
  • dpkg-reconfigure - reconfigure an already installed package
  • fail2ban - a set of server and client programs to limit brute force authentication attempts.
  • eject - best use is to quickly eject a CD/DVD
  • Harden System - some tips on what you can do to increase system security; use at your own risk
  • hciconfig - configure Bluetooth devices
  • hcitool - configure Bluetooth connections
  • htop - an interactive process viewer for Unix systems
  • iptables - administration tool for IPv4/IPv6 packet filtering and NAT
  • iptraf-ng - console based network monitoring utility
  • libre-kernel - a short "howto" for installing the Linux libre-kernel
  • lsof - list open files; Use: 'lsof -P -i -n' to list active network connections
  • lynis - a system security auditing tool
  • mkfs - build a Linux filesystem
  • nmon - Nigel's performance Monitor for Linux
  • netstat - print network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, masquerade connections, and multicast memberships
  • pacmd - reconfigure a PulseAudio sound server during runtime
  • pactl - control a running PulseAudio sound server
  • pamix - ncurses based pulseaudio mixer for the commandline
  • parted - a partition manipulation program
  • pgrep, pkill - look up or signal processes based on name and other attributes
  • pip - a tool for installing and managing Python packages
  • powertop - a power consumption and power management diagnosis tool
  • pulsemixer - CLI and curses mixer for PulseAudio
  • rkhunter - RootKit Hunter
  • ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall) - program for managing a netfilter firewall
  • v4l2-ctl - an application to control video4linux drivers
  • vlock - use to lock a single or all TTY/consoles
  • wal - generate colorschemes on the fly
  • whohas - find packages in various distributions' repositories

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