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BBC Micro Games

BBC Master 128 and Archimedes

BBC Micro 32K

  • Arcadians - A Galaxian clone
  • Asteroids - Just like the Atari version, fly a ship around while shooting wondering asteroids
  • BBC Tetris - Tetris for BBC Microcomputers
  • Boffin - a platformer game in which Professor Boffin must destroy all of the unlucky horseshoes within caverns and then touch the resident owl guardian to move on to the next level
  • Boffin 2 - same premise as Boffin but with 25 new caves
  • Canyon Bomber - Two player game in which you compete for points by dropping bombs on numbered objects in a canyon
  • Castle Quest - Find the wizard's hidden treasure within his castle
  • Chuckie Egg - Collect the eggs while avoiding the birds
  • Citadel - Defeat Marduk the Dictator within his deserted castle base before he can complete his teleportation device to aid an alien invasion from his home planet Codar
  • Crazee Rider - Motorcycle racing game in which you can bump other drivers from the side for tokens | Source
  • Cute To Kill (Beyond Infinity Chapter 2) - You are Commander Slie, ordered to take your team of napalm wielding mercenaries to put down a rebellion on the planet Cute, by highly subversive aliens. It sort of reminds me of a monochromatic Duke Nukem 1 or 2.
  • Elite - 3D space trading game
  • Exile - Defeat the evil scientist "Triax" on planet Phoebus as a man in a space suit starting with no weapons and a jet pack.
  • FireTrack - a vertical-scrolling, space-shoot'em-up game with great graphics and music
  • Frak! - A platformer in which you move across the levels using ladders while avoiding balloons and falling daggers and can use your yo-yo to push off the monsters. If you fall or get hurt, "Frak!"
  • Frogger - Move the frog up the screen safely
  • Galaforce - an outer-space, fixed shoot-em-up game
  • Galaforce 2 - an outer-space, shoot-em-up game
  • Hyperball - Breakout clone
  • Impossible Mission - Evade Elvin Atombender's robot guards while trying to break his security code and find his control center before he remotely triggers missile attacks from around the world.
  • Killer Gorilla - A Donkey Kong clone
  • Labyrinth - push a bolder around in a Labyrinth to squish enemies, collect crystals to unlock doors, etc.
  • Lost Frog, The - A text-based adventure game in which you must find the lost frog and return him back to his magic garden
  • Maze - Navigate a 3D maze and shoot enemies
  • Mr. Ee! - Sort of like Dig Dug except you are a wizard that throws a magic ball as the weapon
  • Nevryon - A side-scrolling, space-shooter game
  • Overdrive - A racing game in which your points increase as you go down the track against other cars with a time limit
  • Overdrive 2002 - It's basically Overdrive but a little colorful and a bit more audio
  • PacMan - Eat the dots and avoid the ghosts!
  • Palace of Magic - a platform, puzzle game similar to Citadel
  • Planetoid - a clone of the 1980 arcade game Defender from Williams; fly horizontally and shoot enemy space ships
  • Repton - Collect all of the diamonds while avoiding the falling rocks and lurking reptiles
  • Repton 2 - Solve a series of puzzles while collecting items, killing monsters, and using transporters
  • Repton 3 - All Repton characters from before but with a creeping poisonous fungus, time capsules, and golden crowns with a ticking time-bomb at the top of the screen you must defuse
  • Rocket Raid - side-scrolling, space shooter with bomb-dropping, missiles, and a fuel gauge; a clone of Scramble by Konami.
  • Snapper - a Pac-Man clone but with its own characters and music
  • Star Port - "Rescue the medical supplies from the strange triangular space station... but only if you can solve the increasingly difficult letter-puzzles on each level."
  • Starship Command (2022) - an extensive reworking of the 1983 game Starship Command; it's a multi-directional space-shooter with energy bars, shields, a mini-map, and you have an escape pod
  • Stryker's Run - you play as Commander John Stryker of the Allied Nations who has stolen the plans of an attack by the enemy Volgans and you must make it back home
  • Super Breakout - Breakout clone; hit the ball with a paddle that bounces around and breaks part of a wall at the top for points
  • Super Invaders - Space Invaders clone; shoot the ever closer enemies before they destroy the bases, which you can also use as shields
  • Thrust - maneuver a spaceship by rotating and thrusting; use tractor beam to collect fuel and to steal these pods from the enemy to advance to the next level

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