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Minetest Projects

There's 2D art, 3D art, and then there's what you can create in Minetest, a "Multiplayer infinite-world block sandbox." If you're familiar with Minecraft, then you are already good to go for the most part with Minetest. I've been wanting to share my creations but never really cared for most of the platforms that are out there to help do so and honestly, I currently have 20+ TheOuterLinux accounts for various things and don't feel creating anymore than I have to. So, if you stumble upon here by accident and are also a Minetest user, feel free to grab a posted project and explore.

To install a "world," downloaded on this site, and assuming that you are a Linux user, expand the file inside of ~/.minetest. You can toggle the showing of hidden files and folders by using Ctrl+h. Launch Minetest and it should show up on your Single Player "Select World" list.

To install a "mod," most of the time all you have to do is unzip the file inside of ~/.minetest/mods/ folder and then open Minetest. Select the world you want the mod to be used on and click "Configure." This is where you enable the mod.

"TheOuterLinux World"

Last updated: 2019-11-13

This world currently features places such as "Cat Hell," a very introcate dungeon/cave maze with all kinds of things to pick your brain. Another is the "Winter Wall," which is a mini-version of a fan-made interpretation of what you may be able to guess.. but with an indoor ice rink? A large dinning hall at the top? Hmmm... There's also a public pool with petting zoo. This world is a constant work in progress with too many things to list and you should at least check out some of the screen shots to get an idea.


Download Elevator Mod



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