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TheOuterLinux's Projects

Please make sure to actually read any README and/or LICENSE files associated as well as notes within any supplied source code.

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COLORHLP 2020/07/20 ColorHelper for printing RBG values of a given color range GPLv3 DOS or QB45 compatible compiler
ColorPal.sh 2020/07/20 BASH script for creating a color palette from an image or a directory of images GPLv3 GNU/Linux or Unix-like system (see script contents for requirements)
Distro Wars 2021/08/21 aims to be a Dopewars/Drug Wars clone but with operating systems instead of drugs; still very much a work-in-progress GPLv3 DOS (16-colors)
GIMP Color Palettes 2021/04/03 Mostly retro systems and anime-related GPLv3 GIMP
Img2BBC 2020/07/01 Easily convert images to DATA arrays for BBC BASIC using Python GPLv3 Python; Cross-platform
Img2GB 2020/10/22 Convert images to GB Studio friendly PNG's using Python GPLv3 Python; Cross-platform
Img2QB 2021/03/27 Easily convert images to DATA arrays for QuickBasic and FreeBASIC using Python GPLv3 Python; Cross-platform
Img2VDU 2021/03/06 Easily convert images to VDU23 for BBC BASIC using Python GPLv3 Python; Cross-platform
Minetest 2019/11/13 Projects relating to Minetest such as world and mod creations GPLv3 GNU/Linux
NEOPAL 2020/06/02 Some custom-made, 16-color palettes for NeoPaint and NeoShow CC0 DOS, but can be easily edited for other .pal compatible art programs
PERIODIC 2021/07/29 a Periodic Table (PERIOD01.GIF | PERIOD02.GIF) created with VBDOS GPLv3 DOS (16-colors)
PsychOS See website A systemd-free, feature-rich, GNU/Linux distribution perfect for older computers GPLv3 GNU/Linux
PsychOS486 See website A GNU/Linux distribution for i486DX and newer computers LGPL? GNU/Linux
PsychDOS See website An ANSI-like desktop environment that includes plenty of redistributable software GPLv3 plus others DOS (16-colors)
QBMUSIC.BAS 2020/07/20 A QuickBasic template for easily creating PC Speaker music GPLv3 QuickBasic 4.5; Cross-platform
Station! 2021/06/14 A BASH script that uses dialog to make it easier to play music locally or from the Internet GPLv3 and GPLv2 mix BASH; GNU/Linux; Unix-like
StreamPi 2019/11/13 An easy-to-use program to help you live stream and locally record on older computers TheOuterLinux License GUI: Gambas (GNU/Linux); CLI: Unix-like system
STRYGAME 2021/01/17 A very simple example to show how to display a BMPv2 image with a clickable area using FreeBASIC for DOS Mixed FreeBASIC 1.07; Cross-platform
TheOuterLinux Kodi Addon 2020/06/16 Kodi is a free and open-source, incredibly cross-platform media center GPLv3 Kodi; Cross-platform
VideoCheck 2021/06/14 Use to search videos from YouTube.com and check for latest videos from various sites using RSS and cURL GPLv3 GNU/Linux; Unix-like
ytlist 2021/02/15 A BASH script to download youtube-dl supported videos from a list.txt GPLv3 BASH; GNU/Linux; Unix-like


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