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TheOuterLinux's Projects

Please make sure to actually read any README and/or LICENSE files associated as well as notes within any supplied source code.

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COLORHLP 2020/07/20 ColorHelper for printing RBG values of a given color range GPLv3 DOS or QB45 compatible compiler
ColorPal.sh 2020/07/20 BASH script for creating a color palette from an image or a directory of images GPLv3 GNU/Linux or Unix-like system (see script contents for requirements)
Distro Wars 2021/08/21 aims to be a Dopewars/Drug Wars clone but with operating systems instead of drugs; still very much a work-in-progress GPLv3 DOS (16-colors)
exifpdf 2023/05/30 Convert all supported images in a directory to a searchable PDF via embedded EXIF data with the option to encrypt afterwards MIT BASH; GNU/Linux; Unix-like
EmulationStation Desktop Edition AppImage (but heavily edited) 2022/11/10 This is an x86_64 AppImage of EmulationStation Desktop Edition v1.2.6 but edited by yours truly (TheOuterLinux) to include emulators and some game engines. The LookHere.zip contains important information and some extra things you may need. I mainly made this just for myself, but someone out there may also find it useful. But be warned, I have zero intention of actively maintaining this. Click to browse LookHere on archive.org for LICENSE/files.txt x86_64 AppImage for GNU/Linux
GB Studio Soundfont 2024/05/10 A soundfont (*.sf2) file that uses GBT instruments; for use with MIDI editors and players; banks are used to represent channels Public Domain LMMS, Rosegarden, FluidSynth, etc.
GIMP Color Palettes 2023/09/25 Mostly retro systems and anime-related GPLv3 GIMP
GrafX2 Color Palettes 2023/09/25 Mostly retro systems and anime-related; same as GIMP version but for GrafX2 GPLv3 GrafX2
Img2BBC 2020/07/01 Easily convert images to DATA arrays for BBC BASIC using Python GPLv3 Python; Cross-platform
Img2GB 2020/10/22 Convert images to GB Studio friendly PNG's using Python GPLv3 Python; Cross-platform
Img2QB 2021/03/27 Easily convert images to DATA arrays for QuickBasic and FreeBASIC using Python GPLv3 Python; Cross-platform
Img2VDU 2021/03/06 Easily convert images to VDU23 for BBC BASIC using Python GPLv3 Python; Cross-platform
LIVNDEAD 2022/02/04 "Night of the Living Dead" (1968) by George A. Romero with a 16-color, DVD-like menu for DOS A mix of Freeware, Freeware as non-commercial, GPLv2, and Public Domain DOS/W95
Minetest 2019/11/13 Projects relating to Minetest such as world and mod creations GPLv3 GNU/Linux
NEOPAL 2020/06/02 Some custom-made, 16-color palettes for NeoPaint and NeoShow CC0 DOS, but can be easily edited for other .pal compatible art programs
PERIODIC 2021/07/29 a Periodic Table (PERIOD01.GIF | PERIOD02.GIF) created with VBDOS GPLv3 DOS (16-colors)
Private Shotwell 2023/11/16 Have a private way of managing your images and videos using Shotwell and encryption MIT GNU/Linux
PsychOS See website A systemd-free, feature-rich, GNU/Linux distribution perfect for older computers GPLv3 GNU/Linux
PsychOS486 See website A GNU/Linux distribution for i486DX and newer computers LGPL? GNU/Linux
PsychDOS See website An ANSI-like desktop environment that includes plenty of redistributable software GPLv3 plus others DOS (16-colors)
QBMUSIC.BAS 2020/07/20 A QuickBasic template for easily creating PC Speaker music GPLv3 QuickBasic 4.5; Cross-platform
Station! 2021/06/14 A BASH script that uses dialog to make it easier to play music locally or from the Internet GPLv3 and GPLv2 mix BASH; GNU/Linux; Unix-like
StreamPi 2022/02/10 An easy-to-use program to help you live stream and locally record on older computers TheOuterLinux License GUI: Gambas (GNU/Linux); CLI: Unix-like system
STRYGAME 2021/01/17 A very simple example to show how to display a BMPv2 image with a clickable area using FreeBASIC for DOS Mixed FreeBASIC 1.07; Cross-platform
SunMoon.py 2023/01/20 Use Python (via astral module) to display Sunrise/set and Moonrise/set times based on latitude and longitude MIT Python 3.7 and newer; Cross-platform
synthwave.ini 2024/02/08 Install this synthwave skin to "/usr/share/mc/skins/" for use with Midnight Commander CC0 Midnight Commander
TheOuterLinux Kodi Addon (1.0.2) 2022/02/10 Kodi is a free and open-source, incredibly cross-platform media center. This add-on is for versions of Kodi that use Python 2. GPLv3 Kodi 18.x "Leia" and older; Cross-platform
TheOuterLinux Kodi Addon (1.1.1) 2022/02/10 Kodi is a free and open-source, incredibly cross-platform media center. This add-on is for versions of Kodi that use Python 3. GPLv3 Kodi 19.x "Matrix" and newer; Cross-platform
VideoCheck 2022/12/13 Use to search videos from YouTube.com and check for latest videos from various sites using RSS and cURL GPLv3 GNU/Linux; Unix-like
Workflows 2024/01/06 I put together some Workflows in App format using Automator Don't care Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard); may need iLife 11 and iWork 09, but I am not sure
ytlist 2021/02/15 A BASH script to download youtube-dl supported videos from a list.txt GPLv3 BASH; GNU/Linux; Unix-like


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