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"GNU/Linux PsychOS Tools: Notitrans - A highlighted text translator" by TheOuterLinux


To put it simply, Notitrans, is a BASH script that uses 'xsel' to know the contents of selected text, then uses 'wget' to ask Google Translate what the selected text is in English, and then the response is reported back using 'yad'. Notitrans is included with PsychOS 3.4.5 and will also be in the next release, which will hopefully be very soon. It is called "Notitrans" because the original inspiration, I believe (it's been a while), came from https://askubuntu.com/questions/22392/how-do-i-install-google-translate-desktop. The author didn't seem to care too much, but I would like to give them credit for coming up with something so cool anyway.

If you do use it and for some reason it stops working, it possible that Google might think you are a bot and will just have to "give it a rest" for a while. It may not hurt to every once in a while look inside the script (~/.CustomPsychOScripts on 3.4.5 and ~/.psychostools on 3.4.6+) and update or change the user-agent string wget is using. Also, know that some of the features shown in this video may be subject to change for the next PsychOS release.

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Keywords: Linux, GNU, Devuan, Debian, operating system, PsychOS, retro, old-school, computers, laptops, older hardware, programming, communication, translator

Video License: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0