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"StreamPi Update 02: StreamPi has a GUI!" by TheOuterLinux


Download page: https://theouterlinux.gitlab.io/Projects/Linux/StreamPi/StreamPi.html

StreamPi is designed to help people with older x86 computers and lighter ARM devices that cannot run newer screen-casting or live streaming tools because of higher-end graphics-related requirements.

Originally, StreamPi was created to run from the command-line on a Raspberry Pi (hence the name) using dialog as a TUI (Terminal User Interface) with the ability to run both in X AND console (with limitations). However, I do realize that not everyone is comfortable with the command-line. So, I decided to create an actual GUI (Graphical User Interface) version this time around. The interface should run fine as long as your system has GAMBAS available.

Keywords: linux, gnu, twitch, streaming, recording, ffmpeg, gambas

Video License: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0