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"Would anyone be interested in a DOS-based E-Magazine?" by TheOuterLinux


Before I keep adding to what I already have, I'm just curious if anyone would be interested in a DOS-based electronic magazine. I plan on covering just about everything from the early 2000s and older in regards to computers, video games, programming, etc., like people used to do but with the power of hindsight and numerous software to hopefully make it even more special. The only real issue about it (ha ha ha... "issue") is that the more features I add, the more space it takes up since I'm using 3rd party software to do a lot of it. It will not fit on a floppy unless the whole thing were 16 colors, text, and only a few embedded images, which would then be sort of boring. What you currently see in the video takes up about 50MB of space and will probably grow a bit as I keep going but hopefully not by too much. I'm only doing it to show people in the first issue just what all can be done before people start submitting potential content, which I have zero obligation to accept. Just getting that out of the way.

The cool thing about it is that DOSBox has seem to have been built for just about every operating system you can imagine. In the video, I am using DOSBox-X, but only because my regular DOSBox settings have the cycles set to something like 100000 as I mostly use it to run programs to create things like this instead of playing games.

So having that said, this is still very much a work-in-progress and I may not even finish it this month or the next as other projects are somewhat taking much higher priority, such as PsychOS (https://psychoslinux.gitlab.io). But if people find it cool enough to feed my wallet moths, in reality, it would help with all of my projects in the long-run.

And no, I do not know who Doug Thomas is; the FLIC test example is just an animation I happened to stumble on a long time ago and I cannot remember where. Hopefully, he won't mind or someone would be willing to submit something in his place.

Video License: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0