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TheOuterLinux Live Stream

Image that displays online/offline status for live stream.

Refresh page to update status.

You will need a modern web browser with MSE for MP4 enabled to play the live stream.

If you are using Firefox and don't like the idea of leaving MSE on, you can use the HTML5 Video Tuner for a site-by-site enable/disable.

Follow https://picarto.tv/theouterlinux for alerts

The "poor folks" way (old computers; very little RAM). Options are in "[]":

Watch live stream with VLC: vlc [--no-video] "$(youtube-dl -g https://theouterlinux.gitlab.io/live.html)"

Watch live stream with MPV: mpv [--video=no] --cache=5000 https://theouterlinux.gitlab.io/live.html

Watch live stream with FFPlay: ffplay [-vn] -infbuf "$(youtube-dl -g https://theouterlinux.gitlab.io/live.html)"

Get status: curl -s https://api.picarto.tv/v1/channel/name/theouterlinux

OFTC IRC Channel (SSL): ircs://irc.oftc.net:6697/theouterlinux

OFTC IRC Channel (non-SSL): irc://irc.oftc.net:6667/theouterlinux

🚅 What do I stream? Usually, it's either me creating or playing something on GNU/Linux, DOSBox, or BBC BASIC related. Otherwise, I am probably streaming Public Domain (CCO) or some other Creative Commons licensed music or videos. However, some of the streamed material may come from Archive.org, many of which are from the original authors and/or producers, and therefore it is assumed that I have permission to stream or at the very least concidered "Fair Use" (107 of the U.S. Copyright Act 1976), such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship. If you have any concerns or have material to add to the "I'm not here" playlist, feel free to E-Mail me at theouterlinux@protonmail.com

Click here to open OFTC IRC in different tab

Click here to open the "official" Picarto.tv chat box in a different tab

Quick Instructions:

For the OFTC IRC web client, you do not have to create any accounts. All you need to do is think of a temporary nickname you would like to have, type it in, and click connect. You could also create a Picarto.tv account if you would like and communicate that way, but I honestly prefer IRC. However, with a Picarto account you could follow and then get alerted to live streams. Do not bother with their mobile apps; they suck.