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Magazines and Manuals

6502 Disassembler from AppleA four-page document from Dr. Dobbs Journal 1976
Apple 2000 MagazineA UK-based magazine, calling itself "The All Apple User Group Committed to All Apple Users Including Macintosh". It was published in the late 1980s to the early 1990s.
Apple II - AppleColor Composite Monitor Owner's GuideA supplement guide for the Apple II AppleColor composite monitor
Apple II Memory Expansion Card User's ManualMemory expansion card user's manual for the Apple II
Apple II - Extended 80-column Text Card SupplementA supplement guide for the Apple IIe Extended 80-column Text Card
Apple II Reference ManualApple II reference manual
Apple II UniDisk 3.5 Owner's ManualApple II UniDisk 3.5 owner's manual
Apple III Monitor III Owner's ManualA short manual regarding the Apple III Monitor III
Apple Graphics TabletOperation and reference manual for the Apple Graphics Tablet
Apple InterfacingHow to use an Apple II's signals to control external devices using BASIC language programs
Apple Orchard MagazinePublished by the Apple Core Users Group to provide information to fans of the Apple Computer at the Fifth Annual West Coast Computer Faire
Applesoft Tutorial, TheApple II BASIC manual | An erreta to the manual
BASUG NewsletterBritish Apple System Users Group newsletters, published in the early 1980s
Beagle Bros. 6502 InstructionsA cheat-sheet for 6502 instructions regarding the Apple II
Beagle Bros. Color and ASCII ValuesA cheat-sheet for helping to print colored text and Apple II's available ASCII characters
Beagle Bros. Peeks, Pokes, and PointersA cheat-sheet for peek, poke, and pointers regarding the Apple II
Beagle Bros. Tips, Tricks, and TechniquesA cheat-sheet regarding a few tips, tricks, and techniques for the Apple II
Beneath Apple ProDOS (Supplement) 8, Version 1.2/1.3 | 1.1 | 1.0.1/1.0.2Documents ProDOS logic at a nearly byte by byte level
Complete Guide to Using ADT for Apple -><- PC file transfersHow to use the 'Apple Disk Transfer' (ADT) program by Paul Guertin for file transfers between Apple II and PC DOS
Computist MagazineThis magazine was an Apple-II oriented publication distributed and sold between 1981 and 1993
DOS Manual, TheAn Apple II DOS (disk operating system) manual
Grappler Interface Operator's Manual, TheA manual for a Centronics-compatible parallel interface (printing) for the Apple II/II+ computers
Hardcore Apple MagazineA computer newsletter published in the 1980s and dedicated to the Apple family of computers
inCider MagazineA slick, glossy Apple II-related magazine published in the 1980s, following the Apple II through to early Macintosh models
MacWorld MagazinePublished since 1984, the magazine has the largest audited circulation (both total and newsstand) of Macintosh-focused magazines in North America
On Three MagazineA glossy newsletter dedicated to the Apple III computer, published in the mid-1980s
Peelings II MagazineThe Magazine of Apple Software and Hardware Evaluation
Softline MagazineAn American magazine of the early 1980s that focused on the Apple II computer
Softalk MagazinePublished between September 1980 and August 1984, Softalk magazine uniquely captures the dawn of the microcomputer and digital revolution through its deep and broad editorial content
Understanding the Apple IIA learning guide and hardware manual for the Apple II computer
Washington Apple Pi JournalThe official journal and newsletter of the Washington Apple Pi user group
Woz Wonderbook, TheA compendium of notes, diagrams, articles, introductions, and code that describes the Apple ][ computer and how to program it