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DOS Accessories Software

GUI and Shell


  • Chef - meal manager; recipe organizer
  • ClockFix - Digitaluhr mit Wecker (English translated version)
  • Cypher Solver - Educational program for students to solve mono-alphabetic substitution cyphers
  • Daves Old Computers - Disk/Software Image Archive - A collection of tools for data recovery or copying original media
  • DDIR - A forward/backward scrollable double-column directory display
  • Directory Freedom 4.61b - Small (single 39K exe), fast freeware file/directory manager
  • DirTel - Electronic address book
  • DOS Benchmark Pack - consists of a range of 3D and CPU benchmarks as well as tools
  • DOSMENU - Keep you DOS software/games organized with pictures and info
  • DOS Navigator (DN151) - If you like the Midnight Commander (mc) filemanager, you'll love this.
  • DWED - a text-editor with syntax highlighting so you can use as an IDE
  • e.exe - Editor modelled after JOEL that replicates the WordStar input scheme
  • Exec DOS - A DOS shell file manager
  • Expert Travel Planner - For when you're traveling in the United States during the early 90s.
  • File Maven - A freeware DOS file manager with high speed PC-to-PC file transfers via serial or parallel cable
  • GMENU - A general purpose utility that is used to create custom "menu and shell" programs for games, utility programs, or whatever
  • HWiNFO - a *POWERFUL* hardware detection program
  • Mr. Mechanist - an easy-to-use menu driven geometry and trigonometry problem solver
  • Program Manager Eternity (PGME) - an easy-to-use programs manager
  • Dr. Sbaitso - Sound Blaster Acting Intelligent Text to Speech Operator
  • Telemate 4.21 - A multi-threading communication program. Use it to communicate with a BBS
  • VIEW - A freeware (formerly shareware) file viewing utility for DOS
  • ADJCLOCK - Adjusts inaccurate PC-clocks
  • AV.EXE - Archive directory-viewer
  • Blowfish-CBC - a private key file encryption program that uses a CBC implementation of the BlowFish algorithm
  • cdrtools - CD/DVD/BluRay command line recording software
  • Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin screen saver written in QBASIC
  • CLOCK - CLOCK is a TSR (Terminate but Stay Resident) program that runs on an IBM-compatible computer
  • CONVERT.EXE - Converter for dbase, ascii-delimited, and fixed field. Read tool tip.
  • Daves Old Computers - Disk/Software Image Archive - A collection of tools for data recovery or copying original media
  • DOS Utilities Collection - Various utilities for all kinds of things
  • FCAT - File Catalog, also for contents of PAK, ARJ, ZIP etc.
  • File Management Software
  • FLOCATE - locate file(s) through directories
  • FoxCalc - simple TUI calculator with mouse support; requires CWSDPMI
  • GJMAT - Gauss-Jordan matrix elimination; solution of a set of linear equations; also computation of determinant and inverse of a square matrix
  • JOYCALIB - analog joystick calibration utility
  • JOYKY200 - Use joystick with any program
  • KBRESET - reset NumLock, ScrollLock, CapsLock and Insert keyboard status
  • KCS08 - Kansas City Standard and CUTS tape decoder/encoder
  • mkbootcd - A utility which makes the bootable CD of the El Torito standard for PCs
  • PICK - pop-up file list to process a DOS command; reminds me of fzy for GNU/Linux
  • POLYNOME - polynomial decomposition with Horner's scheme
  • PRIMES - compute prime factors of a 32-bit positive integer
  • Prof. Timo Salmi math-related software
  • PURGER13 - Overwrites entire file(s) then deletes
  • PUSHDIR and POPDIR - push and pop current directory
  • Q&D (Quick and Dirty) Tools - freeware DOS utilities written in Modula-2
  • Real Delete - A TSR program for secure file deletion
  • Schedule Software
  • Screen Thief - a freeware screen capture TSR for DOS that supports MDA, CGA, EGA, and VGA modes
  • Serial 2.02 - continuously (TSR) show the status of one of the SERIAL ports on your computer
  • SIMPSONE - compute definite integral with Simpson's rule
  • snow - whitespace steganography program
  • Snarf - captures full-screen DOS graphics (TSR), even when running under Windows XP
  • SOLVE2 and SOLVE3 - solve quadratic and cubic equations
  • TaskTimer - time management "egg timer"
  • Time Stamp 1.1 - Set files' times
  • TinyAES - a tiny (460 bytes) interactive file encryption program that uses the RIJNDAEL 128, 192 or 256-bit key cipher
  • Wipe 3.04 - Quickly and securely erase files to make recovery difficult
  • XD - eXtended Directory utility replacing the DOS commands dir, del and attrib

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