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DOS Internet Software


Command-line, Shell, and Libraries

  • AMSAT software list - a collection of software related in some way to the amateur satellite program
  • BBS Software list - Bulletin Board System software (scroll down to "DOS" section)
  • CWS2FWS - a "utility [which] converts compressed Macromedia Flash (.SWF) files to uncompressed ones," by Alex Beregszaszi
  • cURL - a DOS port of the file retriever cURL with SSL and TLS 1.3 support
  • DMCrack - a DOS program for extracting "video" URL(s) from fresh copies of DailyMotion embed files
  • DosLynx - the DOS version of Lynx web browser
  • DosWOL - a small DOS Packet Driver based application or command for sending the AMD Wake On Lan Magic Packet
  • e1000pkt - packet driver for Intel(R) PRO/1000 adapters, f.i. 82544, 82540, 82545, 82541, and 82547 based Ethernet controllers
  • Ethernet packet drivers 01
  • Ethernet packet drivers 02
  • ethtools - a set of diagnostic tools for ethernet networks
  • FastLynx - PC-to-PC connectivity via Serial or Parallel port
  • FlChat - FLTK IRC client
  • FlMail - FLTK E-Mail client
  • Gopherus - a free, multiplatform, console-mode gopher client
  • ILNKFIX - hooks into INTERLNK's Device Driver and keeps the IRQs for PLIP masked during INTERLNK operations
  • IPRoute - routes IP packets between multiple ethernet, SLIP, and PPP interfaces
  • Kali - a network driver which allows software designed for use with the IPX protocol to be used over a TCP/IP network
  • Links - a Lynx-like text and graphics WWW browser; requires CWSDPMI
  • LSPPP - a PPP packet driver for MSDOS, in TSR format
  • mTCP - a set of TCP/IP applications for personal computers running PC-DOS, MS-DOS, FreeDOS, and other flavors of DOS
  • Mutt - an email client
  • NetCopy - copy files between two computers over an IPX network or serial cable
  • Pine (PC–PINE) - Emailer / news reader, ported from Unix
  • ping - internet diagnostic tool
  • PMPULL - a "Mail Transfer Agent" for receiving or pulling mail, into a Pegasus Mail installation, from a POP3 server
  • PLIP - a Packet Driver for parallel (printer) ports published, with assembler source, by Russell Nelson in 1992
  • rsync - synchronizes files and directories from one location to another
  • SSHDOS - open source SSH client for DOS
  • ssh2dos - SSH client for DOS
  • Stomper - Modem-/ISDN- sharing for DOS and Windows. Supports IPX or Netbios
  • Telemate - a full featured communications program (BBS)
  • VIDEOTEX - a terminal emulator for use in accessing Videotex services such as Bank of Scotland home and office banking (HOBS)
  • VIEWHTML - quickie HTML viewer and converter
  • VNC Viewer 8086 - VNC viewer for 8086+, based on Xvncviewer
  • wget - a DOS port of wget that supports SSL
  • YTCrack - a DOS program for extracting "videoplayback" URL(s) from freshly saved copies of YouTube Web pages

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