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DOS Multimedia Software


Shell, Command-line, and Libraries

  • AdLib Visual Composer - a music composer program specifically targeted to the AdLib sound card
  • AsciiQuest - this is a game engine that includes a tool for creating music that the PLAY command in QB45 can use
  • Bugs Bunny Cartoon Workshop - a fun little game from Novotrade/Hi-Tech Expression that lets kids create their own Warner Bros. cartoon by following a few simple steps
  • Deluxe Paint Animation - a 1990 graphics editor and animation creation package for MS-DOS, based on the Commodore Amiga's Deluxe Paint
  • Disney's Animation Studio - a really good animation program; by the way... click here or here
  • Drum Blaster - play drums
  • DSS (Digital Sound System) - a freeware all-in-one player, converter and audio recorder; also supports PC speaker playback
  • Fantavision - an animation program by Scott Anderson
  • Fasttracker 2 - music tracker program with GUS and MIDI support via SB16
  • Impulse Tracker - MOD, 669, S3M, MTM, XM, IT supported music tracker program
  • Nickelodeon Director's Lab - it's a game in which you make goofy videos
  • Optical Player - MODule player for IBM PC compatible computers with great PC speaker support
  • PCSCAN - A DOS radio control program which integrates the monitoring of Motorola type II trunked systems into a conventional scanning environment
  • QuickView - play modern video, audio, and image formats; make sure to grab the sound drivers
  • Rock and Bach Studio - a game that focuses on famous composers of classical music
  • Scream Tracker - S3M music tracker
  • Skale Tracker - an improved version of Fasttracker 2
  • Sound Club - a very easy to use music maker that even has PC speaker support and can export to MOD and MIDI (see screenshot)
    • Gravis UltraSound - Make sure to install this first before running SCLUB installer if you're having issues in DOSBox and don't forget about enabling it in DOSBox's config file as well as making sure the SCLUB Sound Card settings Details are correct.
    • GBSTUDIO.MOD - A mod music file with all supported GB Studio instruments for use with SCLUB
  • Whacker Tracker - Whacker Tracker MOD Editor from Sweden
  • Will Harvey's Music Construction Set - a program that lets you compose "music" using a graphical user interface

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