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Apple Accessories Software

32-bit Intel and older

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AnyToISO 3.6.3 Lite
Use this to convert small bin/cue and other similar file-types to ISO format; registration required for larger files; HOWEVER, you can technically use Burn to convert bin/cue files to ISO; audio tracks will give issues
Snow Leopard
ArCHMock 1.2
A CHM viewer; a compressed HTML help-file format
Snow Leopard
CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr
Snow Leopard; maybe older (you compile it yourself)
Burn 2.5.1
Easy to use disc burning software
Options from Mac OS X 10.3.9 up Snow Leopard for this particular version
CoolReader 3.0.56
A free and open-source ebook viewer; supports fb2, txt, rtf, doc, html epub, chm, mobi, prc, azw, pdb, pml, and zip
Snow Leopard
DAA Converter 1.3
A free utility for converting DAA and GBI disk images to ISO
Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later
Enjoy2 1.0
Map keyboard keys to a game controller or joystick
Snow Leopard
Includes two AppleScript applications that make use of JAVA program 'Jarnal'; one is for writing notes while the other is for annotating PDF's; drag-and-drop the extracted Jarnal folder to the Applications folder to install
Snow Leopard
KDiff3 0.9.95
Use this to compare the contents of two files
Snow Leopard
Murasaki 1.0.2
A scroll-based ePub reader for OS X; opens much faster than Calibre's ebook viewer
Snow Leopard
Use this to dim and red-tint the screen; good for astronomy
Snow Leopard
Use this to test connected gamepads and joysticks as far as SDL-based programs/games are concerned
Snow Leopard
Unarchiver, The
The easiest to install unarchiver for Mac OS X; supports a crap-ton of formats, but it only unarchives
Snow Leopard
UNetbootin 631
Use this to flash ISO's and disk images to USB hard drives for booting other operating systems, such as GNU/Linux
Snow Leopard
USB Overdrive
Pair keyboard keys with gamepad/joystick buttons; HOWEVER, you will see a message to register after each login
Snow Leopard
Convert UIF disk images to ISO format
Snow Leopard
VeraCrypt 1.19
Free open source disk encryption software; requires OSXFuse 2.5 or newer
Snow Leopard
WordPod 1.2
Use this to convert plain-text ebooks for reading on older iPods
Tiger, Leopard, or Snow Leopard

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