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Apple System Software

32-bit Intel and older

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AppCleaner 2.3
Use to thoroughly uninstall apps
Snow Leopard
Fink 0.36.5
Makes it so you can install Unix programs using 'apt-get' like on GNU/Linux but from Fink (and related) repositories; click here for compile and installation instructions
Snow Leopard
Gutenprint 5.1.7
Formerly "Gimp-Print," Gutenprint is a collection of free-software printer drivers for use with UNIX spooling systems, such as CUPS, LPR, and LPRng; you may also want usbtb 1.0.17 if you need to use an adapter to connect an older printer
Snow Leopard
A package manager for searching and compiling free and open-source software from source, much of which is easily installed on GNU/Linux, to Mac OS X
Mac OS X with XCode Developer Tools installed
An operating system with a mixture of proprietary and open-source components for AmigaOne (X)500(0) and some Apple PPC computers
MySQL 5.6.20
An open-source relational database management system
Snow Leopard
ntfs-3g 2010-10.2
An open-source way to get NTFS support
Snow Leopard
OSXFuse 3.5.3
Adds EXT2/3/4 support
Snow Leopard
Sorbet Leopard
"Imagine if Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard was released for the PowerPC architecture"... but ran almost as fast as Tiger.
Macintosh G3
UNetbootin 631
Use this to flash ISO's and disk images to USB hard drives for booting other operating systems, such as GNU/Linux
Snow Leopard
VirtualBox 4.3.40
Use this to run other 32-bit or 16-bit, Intel-based operating systems from inside of Mac OS X; you will also want the VirtualBox Extension Pack
Snow Leopard
XQuartz 2.6.3
Use to run applications that use the X.Org X Window System
Snow Leopard

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