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DOS Educational Software

GUI and Shell

Command-line and Libraries

  • Bible Assistant v1.0 - a computerized Concordance to the Authorized Version 1611 Bible (aka King James Version)
  • Computational Chemistry List, ltd. software
  • GJMAT - Gauss-Jordan matrix elimination; solution of a set of linear equations; also computation of determinant and inverse of a square matrix
  • MORSE v1.0 - MORSE takes any ascii text file and sends it to the PC speaker as a stream of Morse code characters
  • MTUTOR - Morse code tutor
  • POLYNOME - polynomial decomposition with Horner's scheme
  • PRIMES - compute prime factors of a 32-bit positive integer
  • SIMPSONE - compute definite integral with Simpson's rule
  • SOLVE2 and SOLVE3 - solve quadratic and cubic equations

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