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./ Recommended Software (Linux) | (DOS)

DOS Graphics Software


Command-line, Shell, and Libraries

  • 3DV - displays 3-dimensional wire-frame objects or data, with real-time rotations
  • ACiDDraw - a utility for manipulating ansi and ascii text
  • Animator A.K.A (Autodesk Animator Pro) - a 256 color paint and animation package
  • Artworx - full-featured ANSI editor
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Release 4 - create 3D models and animations
  • AutoMessage 3 - graphical message/advertising/billboard system
  • AwardMaker Plus - make certificates and awards for printing on a dot-matrix printer
  • Bonijoni IntroMaker - VGA Loader Maker, Supporting Soundblaster, Includes Graphical Font Editor, 50 fonts and programming tools
  • bCAD - middle size design, engineering and architectural projects
  • CiA Draw - ANSI editor
  • ColorView - a color image viewer/converter/editor
  • Dark Draw - ANSI editor
  • Dead Paint - a full featured paint program for creating RIP (Remote Imagin Protocol Scrip) files
  • DeluxePaint I | (source) - CGA 4 color, CGA mono, Tandy 16-color, and Hercules paint program
  • DeluxePaint 2.30 Deluxe - (Manual)
  • Professional Techniques for Deluxe Paint III - Amiga Training Video
  • DMorf (Dave's Morphing program) - a small morphing program that supports TGA, GIF, and IMG files
  • Expert Color Paint 'n Print - a budget drawing program
  • Expert Publisher - a low-end budget desktop publishing program
  • FontEdit - program for creating and editing fonts in a variety of formats used by several QuickBasic libraries
  • GrafX2 - ultimate 256-color bitmap paint program
  • MagniPaint - creating and manipulating small graphic images
  • NeoPaint 3.2d - a complete image editing/paint program with up to 64K color support | Extra fonts
  • NeoShow - combine PCX and GIF format images into effective presentations
  • OGE (Orfelyusuv Graficky Editor) - 256-color bitmap painting program
  • Paint Pro - ANSI editor
  • PCPaint - the first IBM PC-based mouse-driven GUI paint program
  • PICEDIT - designed to create and edit AGI picture resources
  • PictView - the best image viewer your probably going to find for DOS
    • PVLDR - fixes IBM ThinkPad 770 issues
  • Poster - Universal Bitmap to ANSI Converter
  • TheDraw - a lovely program for DOS, designed to create ANSI screens
    • roysfont - a huge collection of ANSI Fonts for TheDraw; only a maximum of 34 fonts can be loaded at a time (imported fonts stored in TDFONTS.TDF)
  • VGA Paint - a graphics/drawing program that produces screen images in up to 248 colors at once
  • VGAPaint 386 - 32-bit DOS Deluxe Paint IV clone
  • VideoPrompter! 2.0 - a graphical teleprompting system
  • Anigiff99 - animated GIF viewer written in QuickBasic
  • ANSiMat - ANSI file viewer and converter; requires CWSDPMI
  • CamWork - designed to extract pictures from the Agfa ePhoto and Olympus digital cameras
  • DTA (Dave's .TGA Animation Program) - a command-line utility for creating Autodesk Animator .FLI and .FLC animation files
  • DOSPDF - PDF viewer for DOS that uses GhostScript, PDFTOPS (from the Xpdf package) and LxPic
  • Dvpeg - JPEG and GIF image viewer
  • FLI2GIF - convert an Autdeskt FLI file to an animated GIF
  • GhostScript 4.01 32bit MS-DOS EXE | GhostScript 4.01 Fonts 1 | GhostScript 4.01 INI-files
  • GIFCLIP - a cropping/clipping program for GIF's
  • GIFEXE - converts a GIF to an EXE
  • GIFtrans - Produces transparent GIF files for web pages
  • gnunplot - an interactive plotting program
  • KGIF - view an entire directory of GIF files quickly
  • KPEG - view an entire directory of JPEG files quickly
  • KPNG - view an entire directory of PNG files quickly
  • NANSI 3.4 - A faster version of ANSI.SYS; open-source console device driver for DOS
  • NConvert - 32-bit multi-format image converter / viewer package
  • PCX2PIC - convert a PCX to PIC image format
  • POV-Ray (Persistence of Vision Raytracer) - Ray tracing application
    • POVLAB - 3D graphics modeler, add-on for POV-Ray
  • PSVIEW - a PostScript viewer
  • Screen Thief - a freeware screen capture TSR for DOS that supports MDA, CGA, EGA, and VGA modes
  • Snarf - captures full-screen DOS graphics (TSR), even when running under Windows XP
  • VGAMAX - a TSR utility that intercepts BIOS requests to change the video mode or the video font
  • VGIF - GIF image viewer with VGA and EGA support and other features
  • VPIC - GIF/MAC/PCX/ColorRix pics view/convrt, EGA/VGA
  • xpdf - an open source viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files

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