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DOS Office Software


Shell, Command-line, and Libraries

  • ACRODOS - Abode Acrobat Reader version 1.0
  • As-Easy-As - A very easy to use, feature-rich spreadsheet editor that uses WKS files just like DOS Navigator (listed below)
    • The 'asa57.exe' is a self-extracting file that either requires Windows or one of Linux's archive managers (such as file-roller) to extract before running in DOS
    • According to Trius Inc., you are free to use the serial number "570-110-0424-3" to register version 5.7 with no purchase necessary
  • BibDB v2.0 - a program for creating, maintaining and updating literature reference libraries, in a format which is compatible with BibTeX, the standard LaTeX bibliography database format
  • Bigtext - turns ordinary text files into self-contained, self- displaying executable files capable of displaying full colour illustrations in body of the text
  • Breeze Word Processor - an easy to use word processor/text editor
  • Cash Register - turn your DOS computer into a cash register
  • Corel WordPerfect Suite - THE standard word processor for DOS based PCs in late 1980s big business
  • DOS Navigator (DN151) - An excellent file-manager that also includes a bunch of tools and utilities that would be very useful for office work
  • EDITV - DOS Text file Editor using Borland Turbo Vision
  • EZEDIT - a 4K line-oriented full-screen text editor intended for sourcecode, batch files, INI files, etc
  • EZ-Loan - loan payment calculator
  • First Publisher 3.0 - A WYSIWYG word processing (publishing) program
  • FlWriter - A WYSIWYG XHTML text-editor with modern (~2012) import/export options | Download (includes FLW12ext files) | Source
  • Gradebook - keep and calculate class grades
  • Harris Tester - prints tests, study sheets, and makes computer given quizzes
  • Ie - an extended dos (32 bit) text editor
  • IRead - the Illustrated Reader, the program that reads colorful, illustrated documents on your PC!
  • Javelin 3.5 - an "un-spreadsheet" program
  • KEDIT - a professional XEDIT partial clone that runs on DOS and Windows by Mansfield Software
  • NE (NO EDLIN) - Editor with multiple windows, mouse support, and a spell checker
  • NeoBook Professional 2.1i - create high quality, royalty-free publications and applications
    • TTGEM - Convert TTF fonts to GEM fonts (Needs W3.11 or higher to run)
  • PCWORD - word processor with low resource requirements, handles large files
  • Pedit - a freeware DOS editor similar to, but better than the standard DOS edit program
  • Personal Finance: Inventory Organizer Version 1.01 - home inventory program
  • Personal Finance: Personal Inventory V.2 - the complete house-hold inventory system
  • Quicken v.7 - track your finances
  • SETEDIT - Borland interface with syntax highlighting and background playing of MP3 files
  • SLED (Sam's Little Editor) - small text editor with big features
  • SSH ED - Small text editor, limited mouse support, directory browser
  • The Phone Center - the best phone manager I've seen so far
  • The New Print Shop - a home oriented publisher capable of creating calendars, banners, greeting cards and other printable goods
  • Word 5.5 - a word processor developed by Microsoft | Alt links: UK, US, FR, DE
  • WordPerfect Braille and Speech Interface Keyboard - designed for visually impaired users of computers
  • AntiWord - displays MS Word files, and converts to plain text, PostScript, PDF
  • CHRFRQ - count character frequencies
  • DOSPDF - converts a PDF to a PS (PostScript) file
  • FMORE - a faster version of MORE.COM
  • ispell - an interactive spell checker
  • LLSTAT - line length statistics of a text file
  • MERGE - merge ordered ASCII textfiles ascending/descending
  • PSVIEW - view PS (PostScript) files
  • SLSC (SC) - spreadsheet calculator; requires CWSDPMI
  • SEE - file viewer with scroll and search functions; optional Hex display mode
  • SORTTX - sort lines, sort paragraphs, reverse line order
  • Volkswriter 3 - An IBM PC compatible writing program that reminds me of Wordgrinder but upside-down
  • WC - count lines, words, and characters in a text file
  • xpdf - Portable Document Format (PDF) file viewer

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